Last night a Stormtrooper saved my life.


Whew! I’m exhausted. Do you ever have dreams of such activity that you wake up too tired for words? I can just about type now after swift application of coffee.

It’s not every night that I am on a large passenger jet, turn to look out the window only to see a Star Wars Stormtrooper strapped to the nose of a beige coloured warplane. As I recall, Stormtroopers are not known for being particularly friendly, so at first when he told our pilot to turn right and land in a busy city street I questioned his motives. But sure enough, once we landed (conveniently next to a subway entrance) there was a tornado warning and we all piled out of the plane and headed underground. Many lives were saved due to the actions of one swift thinking Stormtrooper.

“This is the plane we’re looking for. Move along…”

Special thanks must go to my boyfriend who managed to get my new bike out of the plane and down the steps – I didn’t even see that he had it on the plane with us. Perhaps he’s right; I don’t notice the things he does for me…

As if that wasn’t enough, my subsequent dream was of my telling a friend all about my Stormtrooper dream. How very confusing. I’d love to know what dream analysts would make of this one…


I blame her…


, ,

Who would have thought that a chance reading of my friend’s blog would kick my butt into gear and make me start one of my own?

I’ve wanted to do this for a while, actually, in the same way as I have been going to write a book for a while… Don’t knock the book idea just yet though; it’s only been in the planning for 25 years and I already have some very good chapter names. You don’t want to rush these things.

But time flies… And not just flies leisurely on a small biplane, it would seem, but books a ticket on Expedia, checks in online, has a cocktail in the lounge and then gets on a very fast plane to somewhere far, far away. And suddenly it’s over 30 years since I left my Brownie group and time has dashed away on its adventures without so much as a by-your-leave. I call it rude.

Well, I’m going to keep a closer eye on it from here on in. I will monitor just how much of my day is spent pointlessly. Not to say there’s anything wrong with some pointlessly spent time; it can be very enjoyable to know there is nothing that needs to be done, and the freedom to simply waste time is a luxury that I should not take for granted. But I must face it, wasting time is not a good plan when (as noted) it really can escape quite quickly.

I’m 41 now and – I guess we all did this – when I was younger I knew that by this time I would be happily married, living in the country somewhere with a child or two and definitely a dog. The only thing that has come true is the dog part – I have two (Diesel and Crombie) and they are fabulous, in a way only dogs can be. So I suppose, as I¬†expected to have just one, I have overachieved in a small way. Yay me…

Diesel & Crombie dining al fresco.

Henceforth I shall set my goals a little lower, start slow. Writing is something I enjoy (I think – I do not have very much data to review) so I shall endeavour to keep it coming. Regularly. And make it interesting. For me, at least.

Onwards and upwards! (Always makes me think of Narnia although I think that was onwards and inwards…)¬†Let’s start with this, a kind of online diary thingy, with none of that “Got up, brushed my teeth, went to work” nonsense. We shall see what happens…